What Tools Does a Residential Logging Company Use?

Wood is designed for moving or hauling wood. Usually, the term refers to a certain kind of machine which is used by residential logging services, for loading wood onto trucks. Many are metal ramps that have a moving bucket or compartments which carry wood up to a certain height, so a truck can be positioned beneath the conveyor to catch it when it drops. Some of them come with a splitter, this will split the wood and load it all in one go.

Residential Logging

Sometimes referred to as firewood conveyors, these machines are powered by engines which are created to be adjusted in rise and towed behind using a standard towing hitch. They usually have hydraulic controls to raise or lower ramps or to work the splitter, if one is outfitted. The conveyor is operated by chains on a loop, with dividers that create the compartments in addition to pushing the wood up the ramp. Some could use a rotating belt to move wood.

A commercial one could have a seat and space for an operator, a powerful engine, and hydraulics; however, they are basically the same kind of machine. They are made to be used by operators who have a high-volume of wood instead of an individual cutting wood for their own use. These machines are not used by someone who has a logging business. Wood conveyors are not made to carny long logs, but to move smaller logs or cut wood.

Some kinds of wood conveyors can be marketed for multi use, as they can be used for moving other things, like hay, gravel or wood chips, for instance. Most conveyor machines are built specifically for hauling wood, and not recommended for anything else. Each manufacturer should provide detailed information regarding usage. Some bigger, more complex machines are designed to cut and split wood and then to move and even stack the wood.

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