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Do you need to hire a professional company that can offer you reliable logging tree services in Tacoma, WA? Call us at(253) 921-1879Maybe you need a timely stump grinding service? If that is the case, Tree Guy is the right choice for you. We are a company that has been in business since 1994, and these days, we are well-known for our reliability and professionalism. Licensed and insured, we are well-prepared to provide you with excellent quality that will meet your requirements. With us, you will receive an outstanding tree service that will satisfy you completely. Do not hesitate, and turn to us!

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We are a professional company that is ready to provide you with a variety of services for the care of your trees. We can prune and remove any tree or bush, and we also offer residential logging services. You can also hire us when you need to remove a dangerous tree. Hire us, and you will receive the quality you are searching for. Our qualified professionals can even offer you storm prevention services that will exceed your expectations. Make sure you are hiring the right people, and choose us!

Tree Guy operates in Tacoma, WA and 75 mile radius area since 1994.

Trust our professionalism and call on (253) 921-1879!

Address: 2402 Chesney Road, Tacoma, WA 98445

Our company is well versed in every tree service and dangerous tree removal procedure. The most commonly requested services are:

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning ServiceWhen a tree is pruned, its branches, or parts of them, are cut to improve its health and appearance. Tree pruning is also done for safety reasons. Decayed and insect-infested branches can contaminate the entire tree, which is why they have to go. Both dead and alive branches are cut if there is a risk of them falling and damaging properties or injuring people or pets. Regular tree pruning improves the appearance of the trees, as well.

When a tree is pruned for aesthetic reasons, only small parts of its branches, as well as newly-grown leaves are removed – usually from the outer part of its crown. This is done to give the pruned tree a neat appearance or a certain shape.

Cutting the branches of a tree is a task you should leave to the professionals. If it is not performed properly, the tree will be badly wounded, and this can even cause its death. At Tree Guy, in Tacoma, WA, we know the right approach to this job. We have the expertise, talent and know-how to do the perfect cut.

Tree Removal and storm prevention service

Tree Removal ServiceSometimes not only a single branch or part of it has to go, but the entire tree. Tree removal is necessary for the same reasons as branch removal. Disease, decay, etc, make the tree an ugly sight and a threat for the safety of other trees, people and structures. Even if it is alive, a tree can become unwanted if you need the space that it is occupying for something else. Our company can perform the labor intensive and dangerous tree removal service fast, flawlessly and safely. Also, we offer storm prevention service that will secure the tree itself and all surroundings.

Tree Stump Grinding

After a tree is cut, a stump remains that may cause some problems. It may attract unwanted guests such as ants, wasps, rodents or snakes. It also becomes an impediment when you mow your grass. In addition, it does not look good in your landscape.

Stump Removal

The most effective method of stump removal is tree stump grinding. A special machine is used to turn the entire stump into sawdust. These machines reach up to 18 inches below the ground and eliminate the roots in order to prevent new growth. The blades of our stump grinders are always sharp and ready to rid you of your stump in no time. Removing a stump is not easy, but, being properly equipped, sufficiently trained and highly skilled, we can complete the job with flying colors.

Cat Rescue

Cat RescueContact Tree Guy anytime you need a Cat Rescue.  Tree Guy has been providing Cat Rescue services for 20 years!  Over the years Tree Guy has been rescuing cats from dangerous situations and returning them safely to their owners. One cat even ventured from 30 feet up a Fir Tree to 130 feet and Tree Guy followed all the way up to safely rescue kitty!

Cat Rescue services start at $100 base fee.

Call us today at (253) 921-1879 to receive exceptional tree services at competitive prices.
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by Greg Willams on
Highly-professional tree grinding service

I must say that I'm truly impressed by the tree grinding service of Tree Guy. Very professional and correct. I've tried other tree removal companies in Tacoma, but Tree Guy handled the job like no one before - fast and professional. If someone needs tree removal service, I strongly recommend Tree Guy.

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Based in Tacoma, WA, Tree Guy is the rational choice for anyone who wants to receive excellent logging tree services that come at reasonable rates. We offer a 10% discount for senior citizens, and we also have other specials for our clients. With us, you can also rely on a 24/7 emergency tree service. Call us today to schedule an appointment!